Rules for lost and damaged of library books

i) The borrower shall be responsible for the safe custody of the books issued to him/her.
ii) The borrower shall be responsible for the loss or damage to the books issued to him /her.
iii) In the event of a book lost or damaged, the borrower shall either replace it with latest edition along with Rs.100/- as processing fee or pay the following charges:

S.No. Year of Publication Cost Plus Surcharge to be recovered
1 Prior to 1940 Current publishers Price plus 200% as surcharge.
2 1940-1950 Current Publishers Price Plus 175% as surcharge.
3 1950-1960 Current Publishers price plus 150% as surcharge.
4 1960-1970 Current publishers price plus 140% as surcharge.
5 1970-1980 Current publishers price plus 125% as surcharge.
6 1980 onwards Current publishers price plus 50% as surcharge.

*The current GOC rate will be applicable in case of foreign publisher.

iv) If the payment of the book is not made as demanded, the library reserves the right to recover the amount from the Fellowship/Salary/ PF of the concerned member.
v) Rare books shall not be issued by the Library to borrower. These may be referred in the Library only.
vi) Marking on books/journals with pencil or ink, soiling, underlining, writing remarks on pages, folding, tearing of pages, etc. shall tantamount to the damage of the book.
vii) Photocopying of rare books and manuscript is not permitted.
viii) In case of a book belonging to a set or series is lost or damaged by the borrower, and the new volume is not separately available, the whole set or series shall have to be replaced by the borrower. The damaged set or series may be taken away by the borrower after making the re-placement.
ix) Before leaving the Library counter, the borrower should immediately point out any damage or mutilations in the book to the Library Assistant on duty, otherwise the borrower shall be held responsible for replacement of the book or liable to pay the charges determined at para (iii).