Borrowing privileges

The library provides general access and a full range of services to it’s member. These services include issue and return to library materials from the Circulation counter. Borrowing of reading materials facility is available to registered users. The registration to use the Library facility and services is automatic for the Fellows, Associates and staff on joining the Institute. At present, users can retain the issued books in their custody as long as they stay in the campus. Their entitlements, in terms of number of books are as follows:

Membership Fee Structure for Internal Members
Category Borrowing Previleges Annual Membership Fee (Non Refundable)
Fellows 30 Books Nil
Editorial Board Members: Residing in Shimla 5 Books Nil
Associates 4 Books Nil
Former Fellows: who have submitted manuscript and are permanently residing in Shimla. 2 Books Rs. 500
Former Fellows: Who have submitted manuscript adn are residing outside Shimla 0 Books Rs. 500
Guest Scholars 2 Books Nil
Visiting Professors 2 Books Nil
Visiting Scholars 2 Books Nil
Staff 2 Books Nil